Custom Baits
"Hand Pours the way they Oughta Be"

KGM Custom Baits was formed in 2003.  Most of the baits came from OLD PRO baits after the death of an old friend and fishing partner Gary Ennen.  Each KGM bait is individually hand poured producing 100% repeatable softness, color,  scent and overall appearance. Because of the resulting softness, texture, and scent, fish hold on to KGM baits longer resulting in more fish caught.    We have developed  "Come To Me Juice" scent for our dark colored baits.   All baits are available in the colors listed in the color chart.  If you need a bait in a different color send a sample of the color to KGM and we will match the color you need.  

Drop Shots

All of our drop shot baits are made of the softest plastics.  This gives them a life like action with the slightest twitch or current.  Excellent for smallies and spots.


You got to have some of these in your arsenal.  They work well any way you rig them and are very soft.  These can also be poured to float.


These grubs work good on a jig or any other way you choose.  


These Xipper worms fish well either Carolina rigged or Texas rigged and then flipped to your favorite cover.  Xippers can also be poured to float.


Here are a few different styles of craws for all your needs.  Split shot, Jigs and Flippin, we got you covered.  And for you Hawg Hunters, there is the KK90.  This is 6 inches of life like craw for monster largemouth and smallies.


Our soft and supple reapers  fish extremely well on either a drop shot, Carolina, or split shot rig.  


These are some killer baits.  The Baby Waful is good for smallies either rigged on a small football head jig or Carolina rigged.  Junior, Awful, and Sow Wafuls are only for the serious largemouth hunter.  Texas rig these on a heavy wire 3/0, 4/0, or 5/0 hook, toss to your favorite cover and hang on. 


Just combine these trailers with your favorite jig or spinner bait and see what happens.  These baits are very soft and have a life like action to them.  Ordered with our exclusive "Come to Me Juice" scent the fish just eat them up.


The Gobe is an excellent imitation bait.  Poured extra soft for life like movement and texture.  They fish real well on the drop shot or Carolina rig.  The Gobes' poured in either the baby largemouth or baby smallmouth color make them look almost alive.

Swim Baits

Our Swim Baits are awesome!  They come in 3 1/2, 4 3/4 and 5 1/2 inches lengths in Kokanee, LM Bass, Rainbow Trout, Shad and Ghost colors.  They are excellent for both Smallies and Large Mouth bass.

Other Styles

Here are some nice twitch baits, creature baits and do nothing baits that work extremely well. They can be poured hard, soft, and as floaters.  It's up to you.

Jigs / Trip Shot

The jigs to fish the King Kraw and the three bait rig for swimming three swim baits. Made for states which limit to three the number of hooks you are legally allowed to fish.

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