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Change Log

6/8/15 Home Page Add a GIf with the Swim Dabs
  Swim Dab Page New Pictures for the Swim Dabs
6/3/15 Home Page Changed the name to KGM Custom Baits / Stryker Lures
added pics of the swim dab and new tw 55 colors - need to retake pics on a sunny day
  Swim Dab Page Made  a Swim Dab Page
  Steelhead Page Made a Steelhead Page
7/13/14 Home Page Added Limit Out Marine to the list of Retail Outlets - Changed the format to Freshwater Baits and Salt Water Baits
7/7/14 Home Page Inserted the logo for Holiday Sports & added their link
7/5/14 Change Log Converted to new format
  TW Swimmer  
  Home Page New KGM / Stryker baits Home Page
  King Kraw Video Converted
5/19/14 SwimBaits 6.99 instead of 7.99
5/12/14 SwimBaits New prices for the Swim Baits
6/6/13 Pictures Added Tag Watson Fish
  SwimBaits Added the TW 350's
  Prices Added the TW 350's
  Pictures Spirit Lake Swimbait Fish
6/4/13 Pictures Added Chris Ferry salt Water Fish
2/27/13 Drop Shots Added the 4S Slinky
  Prices "     "
  Home Deleted the new products for 2012 - Trip shot & Jr Craw
4/18/12 Pictures Added a Jeff Fancher 8.5 Largemouth from Black Lake
3/17/12 Pictures Deleted 2 of Nick Berto's pictures ( a dup and the one with Chris Ferry) and added the text he sent to KGM
3/9/12 Pictures Added a slide show of Travis Fox's A Rig TW Swimmer Fish and a Slide show of Nick Berto's Fish
2/23/12 Home Changed the Hit Counter again.  The old one wasn't working.  Changed the image at the bottom for the Hawg Hunters and made a new page for the Trip Shot
  Craws Page Added the KKR Jr
  Trip Shot A new Page for the Trip Shot
  Prices Added the KKR JR and Trip Shot
  Pictures Added the 8 # LM caught by Travis Fox
12/21/11 Pictures Added a Picture of a Texas Bass caught on the King Kraw Jr.
  Home Added a Picture of the Trip Shot on the front Page
11/21/11 Home Removed the from 11/24/10 and added 3 pictures of the 4 1/2 Kraw that is new for 2012
10/13/11 Craws Page Removed the 10 pack for KK90
  Prices     "
7/26/11 Pictures Added a Travis Fox LM caught in a FLW Tournament on Pickwick
7/2/11 Home Made a Favicon (KGM) for the site
  Home Changed the hit counter ( the old one isn't working ) it should be set to 5000
4/21/11 Pictures Removed the Joel Alinen Lake Stevens Picture
11/24/10 Home Changed the image for drop shot baits and added a flashing just above the retail outlets with the info about the new hook
  Baits Deleted the 3S Slinky and LF Little Fry
  Drop Shots    "
  Craws Page Added the KK90 2 Pack with hook and the 4 hook Pack
  Prices Removed the 3S and LF and added the KK90 2 Pack with hook and the 4 hook Pack
11/17/10 Home Removed Tail Walker from the retail outlet section
11/11/10 Pictures Restored pictures from 2009 that were deleted on 10/29
  Kraw Video Moved the Video to Youtube - it works on the iphone
11/02/10 Pictures Added Mike Buse Pictures
10/29/10 Pictures Added Some Tag Watson Pictures
  Kraw Video Replaced Microsoft Media Player with Quicktime
10/28/10 Home Fixed the Link to the King Craw Video & left the links on the left side of the page
  Change Log Added this Page
  Home Removed Sportco from the retail outlet section & added alink at the bottom to the change log page
  Kraw Video Removed the Link that said return to KGM Custom Baits